Double Diamond

Double Diamond has two different configurations of diamonds made with layers of light, mounted onto strips connecting them. They beam onto reflective materials, creating a glowing frieze whose light radiates outward. The location in the beams imbued the viewer with a sense of surprise and wonder, transforming the heavy, permanent materials of an architectural element into the lightest, most ephemeral form possible.

LEDs, gel filters, reflective sheeting, paint, plexiglass

Shown here: installation at ODETTA Gallery, Brooklyn, September, 2018:
15”H x  305”W x 12.19”D + wood and magnet mounts

Large diamonds: 15”H x 13.63”W x 1.56”D
Small diamonds: 6.06”W x 9.5”W x 1.06”D
Back strips: 2.5”H x .63”D; Width variable