wires, LEDs, road sign material

A proposal for the San Antonio Museum of Art’s unrealized exhibition “Generally Electric,” Any Which Way consisted a series of columns for its elevator interiors that combined classical architectural elements with industrial materials. It used the spatial characteristics of light, color, and structural elements to alter the experience of a small enclosed elevator cab into a journey through an expansive and richly colored environment.  White reflective road sign material cladding the columns were softly illuminated by the ambient light inside the elevator, while a rich, golden glow was cast on the amber reflective sheeting of the columns' capitals. Diffused yellow LEDs amplified the effect, and strips of blue and green LEDs contrasted with their black backgrounds. The entire effect was unexpected and ethereal. The "W" configuration of LEDs in the capitals also offered the possibility of tapping into the elevator’s power, so that the only lights that were on form an "Up"  or "Down" arrow, depending on which way the elevator was headed.