Gesture Drawings are lyrical line drawings constructed with light.  Made with wire, LEDs, diffusion, and mirrors, they are intended to bring the hand back into work made with industrial materials.  Many different colors, sizes, and shapes of small LEDs, including some no longer made, are embedded into a layer of diffused plexiglass, to provide glowing shapes of color whose wiring casts shadows from behind; white LEDs embedded into the back of the plexi beam into the mirror behind it to create soft backlighting, while their wires form hard-edged lines on the front. The wires compose a complex interplay like hard and soft pencil lines, and the LEDs emanate a rich array of shape, color and light.

LEDs, wire, plexi, mirrored mylar, diffusion film
2010 - 2015

Click for video of interview at Storefront Bushwick in 2012